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24h of Zolder

Main, MotorSport / Off / September 3, 2017

The lights that are needed in the night, work wonders with a wet track to give some extra reflections.


The skylimit Yokohama BMW riding in to the sunset to set a qualifying time

When the sun drops, you get the great atmosphere of the racing in the dark.


The skylimit BMW in the pits for the next driver to take the wheel

The autograph session is always nice to get some driver profile shots.

And then the rain came, making for some of the moody shots I like.

24H zolder

Sunset during the race

24H zolder

With out the mechanics there would be no racing.

Ines waiting for her change to drive during the night

For these kind of shots I love 24h racing, it makes for some very unique photo’s

The racing line



My personal favorites can be found below.

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